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While marketing and advertising technologies truly make life easy, the unprecedented growth of this industry has led to a staggering abundance of tools available in the market today. In addition, as technology continues to advance the industry is abuzz with possibilities of convergence of martech and adtech tools. Myriad options, integration issues combined with diverse set of marketing tasks and challenges, can throw even sophisticated marketers off their game in choosing the right combination of solutions. That is why, more often than not companies end up with dysfunctional and overbuilt stack of martech and adtech tools.

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  • What is the avg. time spent by users on the website?
  • Which are to top revenue generating products?
  • How many quotes are generated from Brand campaigns?
  • Why is the cost per lead high?
  • How much time a user takes to convert after visiting the site?
  • Is there an overlap between my paid and organic channels?

To determine the success of your SEO strategies, it is important to make sure your website and marketing efforts are analyzed timely. Google Analytics Implementation is certainly the most widely used and is also one of the most widely used web analytics application to analyze and track performance of a website. Google analytics implementation services offered by SunTec helps you track the results of your SEO efforts.

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As one of the most experienced Google analytics consultants, we understand that decisions made on incorrect data prove costly to a business. So, when it comes to Google Analytics set up, we at SunTec are best at it. We, as a business analytics consulting services provider, want you to have the right data, now and forever with the help of our professional GA team. We have experienced coders, trainers, marketers and analysts in our dedicated team of Google Analytics Consultants. Our Google analytics consultants have proven skills and have got great scores in the Google Analytics Individual Qualification.